StreetKiaz Merch Launch!

The time has Finally come!!

StreetKiaz Merch is BACK!

What i am doing for the next couple weeks just to make sure i have all the kinks worked out of the Merch site is to have some people buy some stuff, and i have a special 15% off coupon that works ONLY until 11/19/22!

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Head on over to to get some Merch today!!

DO NOTE*** I will do my best to ship items next day, but some might take a day or two to ship. There might be hiccups in the process, but be 100% assured, your payments are handled externally and are safe, and you WILL get your product! This is mostly a real life test for back-end processes for me since i cant purchase product without paying processing fees, and test environments only get me so far! lol

Any comments you might have, or any issue you have PLEASE let me know here in a DM! You shouldn’t have any issues but I’m expecting maybe a few lol.


After my trial period of the new website (until November 19th) i am just selling Decals and Plate frames. this is to have a small amount of items to test with, once that all goes well i plan on adding Shirts and Hats back later this month or early next month! I am making these in house now so i also have to get that setup in the next couple weeks and test some things as well.

I GREATLY appreciate everyone’s orders, help and support for StreetKiaz!! I hope this can be a new beginning and keep our club running for another 2 decades or more!!