StreetKiaz 20 year National meet!

Ok everyone! I’m OFFICIALLY starting the process for a 20th anniversary National meet!!

I have contacted a local dealership here in Omaha about hosting, we are the closest major city to the geographic center of the USA so this should work the BEST for everyone no matter where you are from!

We are right now looking at EITHER September 24th/25th OR Sunday August 7th for the national meet. The August date coincides with the Ice Cream Cruise car show on Saturday August 6th. So my hope is everyone can come and enjoy the largest car show I’m the mid west on Saturday and then enjoy a nice Kia only National StreetKiaz meet that Sunday!

The September date is a date that gives more time for members to plan to attend (almost 2 extra months)

I have approval from more than 30 groups to post our national meet in their facebook groups, this is in total nearly 200,000 members between all these groups!!

Below is the standard 10 Step process for StreetKiaz National meet planning:

Step 1: Event Date & Location

Streetkiaz National Meet @ TBA

Weekend of August 6th. 2022
Weekend of September 24th. 2022
Omaha, NE.

Step 2: States Attending!


*Step 3: Roll Call State Confirmation

Step 4. Itinerary for planned day
Step 5. Flyer & Ad Production/Distribution
Step 6. Information & Support contact
Step 7. Travel day planning & Lodging
Step 8. Concessions/Entertainment
Step 9. Supporting dealerships
Step 10. Attendee terms. Safety & Liability