Spectra Showoff!

Please feel free to share a quick photo and run down of your Kia Spectra! This is a great place for a quick scroll through all our members Kia Spectra’s in one spot!

These will also be considered for our Category photos as well!

Please link to your personal Build thread in your post, and if you would like to comment on someones car, please follow through to their build thread to do so :slight_smile: this helps keep this thread tidy!

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Hey everyone, here’s my ride.

2008 spec5 with custom turbo (pieced together from an old jattus kit)


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Its been some years that my sleeping beauty been on the road, 2006 kia spectra sx, and evan more so since ive posted on the skz threads but i just got a hook up on a engine to get her back on the streets. The rebuild will be started soon :sunglasses: and time to clean the dust off. All NA :sunglasses:


Feel you there! Been 10 yesrs since i pulled the motor on my '01 Rio and i just havent been able to give it the time or momey to get it back in lol

Hey, I’m a bit new here obviously.

I am working on an 05 spectra ex (k import) that I’m building for racing. I have done a lot to it, but haven’t done much in terms of engine modifications.

I really want to get it repainted as the clearcoat of the original paint is coming off, but I’m not sure what I’ll do just yet.

I have been seriously thinking about adding a turbo or supercharger onto it, as I’ve found out that the Kia Soul 2.0l uses the same header pattern / engine so it wouldn’t be too hard to do, i just don’t have the funds yet!

If this thread is even active, or if anyone has any interest then I’ll share more! Beit pictures or information, I’m an open book.

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As far as Spectra modifying, @Cschurchill88 has a ton of experience with engine mods, as does @Jonny

The Soul matching header thing isnt something i have heard of before, that would be interesting to confirm!

And yea the FORUM itself isnt very active BUT i am hoping as more people use it it will before more active!

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I certainly hope this forum can get more active, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I have quite the experience in modification and designing, having worked as a Design / Manufac. Engineer previously, I just haven’t fiddled with my car since I haven’t exactly had the funds, haha!

As far as the Kia Soul headers go, I should have specified that it was more of a theory. I have only used reference images and scaling to determine that they’re similar enough.
Most Soul engines are, if I’m not mistaken, 1.5-1.8L engines however there were/are(?) 2.0L engines produces, N/A and Turbocharged.

I’ll see if I can reply with a comparison image of the two headers, for clarification!

Something not everyone knows is just how many companies use the same exact engines or parts. Hyundai and Kia are known for using the same engines for different cars, and even suspension parts so who knows what else there is! If I remember correctly, a good example would be the 2005 Kia Spectra and the 2005 Hyundai Elantra using the same engine, if not components.

Top Img: Kia Soul (~2012) 2.0L

Bottom Img: Kia Spectra (2005) 2.0L

They’re interchangeable, therefore I should be able to just bold a Soul turbo manifold straight on, though I haven’t given it a shot yet haha.
Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have the funds to properly give it a shot, but first I’ll need an ecu. Rather than just rewiring an ecu, I was planning on just grabbing a piggyback which is cheaper in both time and money.

First things first though, I do have an issue I need to figure out with and I am going to be fabricating a body kit, possibly aero for track!

It’s been a while since I have messed with these cars. I lost mine to a front-end collision in 2018. I did a lot of research at the time on the newtiburion forum seeing as the spectra and the 2.0l tiburon share the same engine and transmission. I also found a lot of minor parts from the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 fit the Beta II block. I replaced the stock PCV valve with the one for the Evo 8 as it is designed to take boost. My best advice is to do thorough research and planning prior to taking this on. Don’t forget the little things (such as the PCV valve).

Also, a turbo setup is also a clutch job, so plan for that expense too. The stock or even stage 1 or 2 clutch is not well suited for any boosted setup. (stage 1 or 2 may work up to about 5 psi before slipping).

Lastly, have fun with it. The Beta II motor can take a beating as well. I had a boost spike of nearly 18psi and my AFR went suuuuper lean and everything was fine. I was on stock internals and compression. I am not advocating for being careless, I’m just saying you can safely run on stock internals with this motor if done correctly.

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Ah no worries, I’ve done a lot of research into all possible cars that have similar enough, if not the same engine in it. There’s a shocking amount!
I was aiming more for the Soul-side of turbos because they’re a little smaller, but pretty efficient and don’t normally explode haha

The clutch job is actually one of the things that’s been stopping me from charging it, because I could afford the turbocharger, manifold, etc but clutches are surprisingly expensive anymore; that and I would need to take it to a shop since I don’t exactly have all the tools to do a swap myself

I absolutely have fun with my build, I just need the funds which I am working on! It’s kind of sad to see how not many people are having fun with their vehicles anymore, they just buy them to drive around in!! I could never!

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Getting a soul turbo manifold to fit would be a huge thing for this platform! would also help validate the mating of the 2 motors parts to an extent.

Defiantly throw up a thread and keep us posted if you get it working!!

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I hit up a local junkyard and found a fairly decent 2011 soul, double checked with the owner of the yard and he let me make a template and measurements of the charger’s manifold and it is a
perfect fit for my spectra, and likely any ~2005 hyundai 2.0l.
The charger itself wasn’t in running condition due to a cracked housing and a few other issues so I wasn’t going to go through the hassle of rebuilding one, but it is great news and a massive advance in our modifications!

If you have a G4GC (Hyundai Beta II / same model in the Spectra and any 2000’s Kia 2.0L) or have similar exhaust manifolds, the Kia Soul turbocharger would 100% work. These engines are pretty dang durable, but I wouldn’t go above 5psi, 10psi max, on stock internals.

Another important note is that you can find Turbochargers for Kia Carens which are still capable of bolting onto the Spectra manifold without modification
List of models that use the G4GC engine:

Kia Cerato, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Ceed, Kia Spectra, Hyundai Tucson,
Hyundai Sonata EF, Hyundai i30, Hyundai Coupe, Hyundai Trajet, Kia Carens
(source: Hyundai KIA G4GC 2.0L Engine Specs, Problems, Reliability, oil - In-Depth Review)

I’m super stoked that I was able to discover this, for what I believe to be the first time someone has ever tried it! I seriously hope I can get my hands on a cheap(ish) turbo to prove this.

Until then, I’ll be updating my Spectra Build in a little bit if you’d like to take a gander! Maybe pop in with a few ideas and whatnot!

Stay safe and have fun, people.

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I am on ALOT of forums and groups and to my knowledge i don’t think anyone has tried, openly, to mate those 2 engine parts together. So its not a stretch to say your forging new connections in this realm lol.

If you progress any further into it definitely make a a thread on it!!

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I haven’t seen anyone try it either which is why I got interested in the first place! If I’m ever able to get my hands on some parts, I will 100% make a thread on it!

Can only hope for the best

Hi everyone my name is Remington and about 2 months ago I had bought this 2008 Kia Spectra and man for the 3 weeks I had it it was probably the most fun car i had ever driven (coming from someone who had an BMW E36), but after the 3 weeks it died :frowning:. I think the engine has blown, and i am not smart enough to remove an engine most complicated thing I’ve ever done is do a head gasket on a 91 corolla. But enough about the sad stuff heres the car, Beta II, 5 Speed, LOUD (also not sure why but fun never less), Top trim so power everything, sliding roof. Really love the car and i really want to get it back up and running.

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Always love that color!!

Hopefully you have been able to figure out what is wrong?? If not could you let us know what happened when it died? might be able to narrow it down for you!

Personally, as an owner of a 2005, I would suggest looking at a few things:

  • Does the engine turn over?

  • If it turns over, does it turn over really fast, really slow, or at a normal speed?

  • Is the battery any good? If you have another vehicle, I suggest putting your current battery in the other vehicle to see if it turns over at all

  • If it turns over, does it have spark? Take your spark plug cover boot off and hover it right above the spark plug in the well, you should be able to hear zaps if it has sparks at all

  • Does it have a compression leak? If it turns over at all, do you hear any hissing noises? If you can, I would suggest pulling off the spark plug boots one at a time while it’s turning over to see if there’s any air leaking or possibly even oil

  • If it does not turn over, have you considered checking the starter relay? If you turn the key with the battery on and you try to start it, if you hear a clicking coming from the engine bay that is your relay. If it clicks, it’s fine.
    If you hear the clicking and the starter still doesn’t want to turn over, replace it. If that doesn’t make the starter turn over, you probably have an ecu power shortage somewhere.

If it turns over, you do not have any of the issues above but it still will not start then you need to make sure it actually has gas and air going into the engine.

  • Check the intake pipe and manifold. Is it clogged, blocked, or really restricted?

  • Check for any unplugged sensors. I’ve had this happen a few times before.

  • Check your fuel pump

  • Check your injectors

If none of these helped, and your engine still won’t turn over and you hear no clicking at all from anywhere, consider replacing your ECU / ECM

So its been a couple of months and i havent really done much but engine doesnt turn over at all anf starter just clicks. Ive already tried turning the engine over with a really long breaker bar and its either completely locked up or theres a siezed pulley. But before it had died it felt down on power, and then i pull up to a stop light and the car died. It might not matter as much but when i got the car the A/C was pretty weak but idk if thats because its low of refrigerate or the ac compressor had locked up. Ive kind of come to conclusion of just replacing the engine.

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It sounds to me like your engine is seized!
Pull your spark plugs out, pour a hefty amount of some oil in each cylinder and let it sit for at least 3 days.
When those days finally pass, grab your breaker bar and try to slowly turn the engine over with the plugs still removed and oil still in the cylinders

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