Sephia Showdown!

Please feel free to share a quick photo and run down of your Kia Sephia! This is a great place for a quick scroll through all our members Kia Sephia’s in one spot!

These will also be considered for our Category photos as well!

Please link to your personal Build thread in your post, and if you would like to comment on someones car, please follow through to their build thread to do so :slight_smile: this helps keep this thread tidy!

Hi I’m new here and really just new to forums in general, I have owned a 1999 Kia sephia for about 8 or 9 months now, I just needed something to get me to work when my last car broke down, but I really fell in love with this car got it for less that 500 bucks, the thing was beat up but it’s one of the most reliable cars I ever owned, it’s a pretty fun little go cart too. Since I have owned it I have replaced the seats, done a short ram intake a custom 3 inch straight pipe, clear headlight housings and switched all the lights to leds, lowering springs and sway bars, and put in a pretty nice pioneer sound system and sub, I drive this thing hard for a 100 mile commute on the highway everyday, never has issues, There is weird little stuff that happens with the car, the brake pedals always been squishy and I saw on a forum it’s a really common problem for these cars it’s actually why I came here to see if there’s any other sephia owners that might know some things about these cars as it seems no one does, I was a mechanic at Hyundai for a little over a month and most of the techs hadn’t even heard of these great little cars, it’s sad there isn’t much aftermarket support or community. I also want to ask if anyone on here has ordered any parts from kfx performance recently and how legit they are? They are the only brand that really seems to have wide range of parts for these cars.


They are great little cars! I believe Mark Ingles the OG founder of StreetKiaz had on back in the day. He would be one of the best people to talk to…ill see if i can get in touch with him.

KFX has been a long time parts sponsor for streetkiazn they might have been one of if not the first aftermarket parks maker for Kias back 20 years ago, and sells VERY good parts. biggest problem is Bill who runs it hasnt kept up on it much lately, so alot of stuff is out of stock, but he does still have a few parts available. If you go to our facebook you can tag him, Bill Hurlan, as i dont think he is here on this new forum.

Welcome to the SK family!

Wow thanks for getting back to me so fast, does he have a site up and running selling the parts he’d maybe still have in stock? I have been on a few kfx sites selling parts but I can’t tell if there legit.

Apparently missed this lol. Hopefully @Ben youll see this reply!! is his site, i believe most of what he has listed is still in stock. BUT you might email them to confirm before buying. Again, if you buy from that site, its legit.