Rio Roundup!

Please feel free to share a quick photo and run down of your Kia Rio! This is a great place for a quick scroll through all our members Kia Rio’s in one spot!

Please link to your personal Build thread in your post, and if you would like to comment on someones car, please follow through to their build thread to do so :slight_smile:

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20 years building it 14 trophy and one magazine readers rides article.

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2001 Rio here, owned since 2004, been building ever since!

Also some photos of my 2013 Rio I just got rid of earlier this year :frowning: should have kept it :sob: it was the ONLY black SX premium in Nebraska, and was one of only 3 in the country when I bought it.

Hi, I have a 09 Rio that pretty much just sits in my garage now or my wife drives it when she needs to. :rofl:

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