Remingtons Kia Spectra

Hi everyone, I own a pretty Nice 08 Spectra SX

I had bought the car in the first half of 2023 and a week later the engine had locked up :frowning:
I was really sad. I was really looking forward to driving the heck out of it.

Ive got an engine lined up and am going to put the engine in soon and I’m going to try and document the hell out of it it and show it ya’ll. I have a good understanding of cars in theory, but in practice i can barely turn a wrench the right way.

I also have setup a nice little mod list that I plan on completing in the future and to share with all you guys.

Mods List

Looking forward to showing everyone my progress and the car after its finished!

Have a Great Day!

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Finally got around to getting the engine in and man did I miss this thing.

The process of removing the drivetrain was pretty straight forward, Disconnect all harnesses, hoses, remove mounts and just lift.

only problem I had was the transmission being stuck to the engine turns out the pilot bearing had seized on the shaft and stopped the trans from being able to just slide off.

What I had ended up doing was getting a pry bar prying it open a little stuffing a spacer in between the trans and the engine and did it on the other side until we finally slipped it off the shaft and the transmission finally slipped off.

Anyways this concludes my update. Thanks again for reading have a great day!

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