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So I’ve recently bought a stock 2015 Forte LX looking to hear what I should first change about it. Hoping to get windows tinted and rain guards next week. What did y’all do for performance early on? Side note I live in Kansas.

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Rain guards depending on which ones will look nice, though i dont have any specific brands id recommend (ive seen some pretty ugly ones though! lol)

Any time your talking performance you should have a goal in mind, are you looking just to feel a little sportier? going for world record HP? what kind of things are you looking to get out of it? budget constraints?

Because the answer to that question will determine what route is the best to go lol.

Also Kansas isn’t too far from me! Also we have a Kansas chapter (I will insert the info here shortly when i have some time to do so!)

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Thanks! Budget is definitely a constraint, I have kids and a mortgage but I always enjoy tinkering. My goal is just to create a more sporty ride and maybe add a few more horses to the overall. I guess I was more curious as to what is the “go to” for most Kia owners to change out, or quick or modifications people recommend to make life easier. I very much appreciate the considerations you do raise about having a vision first. I’m still trying to find that vision. I see lots of great builds online and it’s hard to solidify how I want mine to become, but that’s what makes it all exciting.

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Yea i feel you there lol. I have my Project Rio still sitting in my garage since i bought my house in 2012…no funds to make that one how i want it!! I am really hoping this next year though i finally have the funds to get that project going…we will see.

Id say definitely getting an Intake, and at least an axel back, even a Catback exhaust would be the go to “major mods” for any Kia that are straight forward and generally available. Your not going to get any noticeable HP increases (you start to see those when you get all of those plus a header, throttle body, and ECU tune installed…but those require alot more skill to accomplish) but your car will feel more fun to drive.

Do you have the Turbo motor in yours? Im not totally up to speed with allll the Forte Options lol. But if i recall i thought only the SX has Turbos in that generation?? If you did a blow off valve, or even a blow-off bypass will make it sound really nice when you drive too…get that “PSHH” going!

Lowering springs are a budget friendly way of giving the exterior a more sporty look, and are easy to install as well. Coilovers are great, but cost way more.

A vision is hard to get but is crucial to make sure your not spending money unwisely especially with a budget!

I was actually looking at exhausts a few days ago, (muffler delete) trying to get a bit more noise out of it seems like something I need in my life lol. What all have you done to the Rio? Lowered is something I want to do but I always get nervous looking for a stance. Any good “cost effective” springs you recommend? Been trying to get in the mind set of not pulling to close to curbs and parking blocks as well as how to navigate speed bumps around here. I swear they make them asinine on purpose in Kansas. Didn’t consider the intake initially but now I’m in that rabbit hole lol.

Funny enough, ine of the most trust worthy guys selling parts for Kias is having a sale on Forte coilovers! Not a bad way to go if you can seing the price:

You dont need to slam them to the ground, but a little lowering will make it ride more sporty and look cleaner.

As far as my Rio, i had alot of bolt ons and cosmetic stuff done before i took it all apart…here is a photo of it before lol

right now its stripped to the frame waiting on money for custom engine parts lol.

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Dude! That looks sick! I just got the tint done today and the rain guards are the out side of the sill which I’m not a huge fan of. I thought they were the insill type and after getting them realized the error. Thought about sending them back but I’ll use them till I vet better ones out. I’m thinking my suspension will be my next mod but that may be after my life stabilizes a bit more. I appreciate the link!

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I took it out to carlisle PA for carlise performance and style meet back in 2010, got a photo in drop jaw magazines online show photo album so that was pretty cool lol

This was my 2013 Rio i had up until Jan 2021 that i absolutely LOVED but started to have issues…

Youll have to upload some photos when you get a chance!

Also sucks about the window vents…the stick out ones are the worst looking IMO :frowning: but yea do what you can until you can do better! Lol

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Yeah it is what it is, but I’m happy how well it’s all coming along. Took it out to a family get together and my dad was surprised at how much better it’s already looking. I’m really feeling the lowering springs for cost reasons. That’ll probably be my next big purchase. Hope all is well!

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