My new GT-Line

Hi all, been a while… Bought my first KIA since my 05 Spectra 5 “RIP”… Just purchase a 2022 KIA Forte GT-Line in steel grey.

Only 53 miles now on the odometer, but everytime I look at it, it makes me smile. Honestly I love the GT, but I was looking for more of a commuter for my daily.

It won’t let me upload any pics atm, but will update soon…

And yes, I was formally spec5kdm. Soon as I can find any of my old pics, I’ll post them too.

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PHOTOS NOW WORK!! Please feel free to test it out!!

I’ll double check photo settings…I was messing with some backend settings for backups and I very well might have clicked something I shouldn’t have :joy::joy:

And please do post up the old photos! And any old information you can remember. Anything is helpful in rebuilding the database we used to have.

I’ll try and send you over what I can find on the old site from you when I have a chance