Members from other Kia sites. (Please Read)

From the OG, Underdog:

Posting about other web sites and forums is fine, as long as your not here, just to post about other sites and meets. We hope your membership here is to discover and include information of tuning and gained modifying knowledge. We will share event links from streetkiaz, but we do not want links back to other forums, that is unless authorized by UD.

Information should be Kia or Hyundai related, and relevant.
Other makes and brands are nice, but we’re all about Kia here.

If your serious about getting SK members to come along and join up with other meets, contact the chapter leader for that state and work with them on Attendance. That’s the smartest and most efficient way for a good turnout. :grinning:

Behavior of any new members is expected to conform to how we do things here on SK. As I activate new members, I don’t dwell on their past conduct on other sites or what I read about them on other forums… They/them/you are on Streetkiaz now, where everyone starts with a clean slate, a better attitude and respects others regardless of outside drama and issue. If they are a Kia owner and they are here, respect them, help them, teach them, or direct them. These simple basic concepts are what Keep SK Great, the information flowing and the new ideas and concepts fresh.

That is who we are, that is what we do… We are SK.

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