Liam's Spectra Build

In hopes of gaining this web forum activity, I hope to make an update on my build every once in a while (2005 Kia Spectra EX)

If this sort of post is not allowed by moderators or needs changes to fit the guidelines, please let me know and I will gladly remove it.

Consider this post more of a journal that people can comment on!

My goals for this build:

The goals I have in mind are to make my car a functional track race car, not just one of those oval racers. I have already made quite a few modifications to get me closer to this goal, which I will list later on.

If I don’t use this car myself, I hope to sell it off to someone who will use it for it’s actual purpose of track racing rather than just sitting around or ruining streets. (If interested in potentially purchasing or sponsoring, please message me)


Engine / Performance:

Cold Air Intake (Running through headlight vent)

Performance Spark Plugs (Don’t remember brand)

Bright headlight bulbs (very light blue)

Performance Head Gasket

Complete Overall Gasket Change (Exh, Int, Oil, etc.)

Performance Oil Filter & Oil (Obviously)

Performance Shifter Assembly


Stripped Interior

Only Driver and Passenger Front Seats

Harness Bar (base for building roll cage)


Longer handle Shift Knob

Performance Pedal Face Set

Key-based Battery Shut Off Switch


Build Roll Cage

Power Adder Components (Turbo / Supercharger / NOS, etc.)

Piggyback ECU (Mostly for AFR changes once Turbo/Supercharged)

Full Aero Body Kit (In Process)

Detachable Steering Wheel (Makes it easier to get in and out of car)

Gauge Display / Setup (Display important info [AFR/Oil/Water/etc] )

New Suspension / Tires


Compression Leak on Cyl 4

1] Air leaks from sparkplug or tower once the sparkplug connector is removed, engine regularly runs on 3.5 cylinders causing vibrations and slight loss of power


1] I think the compression leak may be from around the sparkplug itself, however I do not know of any way to verify this. I may take it to a mechanics shop to have them examine the issue and see if they can come to a conclusion.


1] TBD

Progress on Modifications:

Working on the fabrication of a body kit, in the designing phase. The kit will end up being Fiberglass due to the cost. Carbon Fiber is preferred, however it is too expensive.

For more information, resources, assistance, or if you have any intentions of purchasing said Spectra, please let me know in the replies or message me if possible.

In the meantime, thank you for reading this. I will try and update as frequently as I’m able to.
I wish this website great activity, and everyone here a good holidays.

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Update 1 - 1/12/22


Front Bumper is 2/5ths completed. I have masked off the bumper and applied a foam which I have begun to carve into the desired shape. Attached to the bumper, I will be adding two Aero fins on each side. Two fins will be attached onto the front right and front left bumper quarters.

Other panels:

The only part of the body that is being modified at this moment is the Front Bumper.

Cyl 4 Update:

Cylinder 4 has yet to be examined by a mechanics shop, due to their distance and some being shut down. I may try Helicoils in the future, but that will remain a last effort for now.

Other notes:
I would like to give a huge thanks to Enekuda for making me one of the New Users of the Month! It has been really nice being able to share my plans and experience on this site, and I hope we can continue to do so for many years to come!

I will do my updates weekly, but I might pop in with some extra updates here and there!

Until next time, stay safe!

It’s been a hot minute since I was last able to update this! I haven’t been able to work on my car much since my work scheduling usually keeps me until dark. . .

I haven’t done much this week, but I have done some:

Dash cluster cover panel delete

More work on the front bumper (no pictures yet)

More work on the harness bar (no pictures yet)

Older photos:

Center console

Battery shutoff switch

Gauge cluster

Interior (current working zone, obviously uncleaned)

I’ll update once more when I have enough progress to make it worthwhile. For now, I’m going to be working mainly on the front bumper so I can get that out of the way.

Until next time