Intro & Forum Rules

Forum Rules

-Please read through all the forum topics before selecting a section to post in. If deemed to be in an incorrect location by Admin- it will be moved. Users who continually disregard this and post in incorrect sections will be warned.

-Please do some digging and utilize the search feature before starting a new thread. Chances are that someone has already had the same question.

-Be descriptive when you start a new thread. Vague titles merely take away from any help you could be receiving.

-Do not make multiple, identical posts in different forum sections. Subsequent threads after your first will be deleted.

-Absolutely no profanity. An auto-censor has been implemented for those who ‘let it slip’. Same goes for sexual, violent or content deemed inappropriate.

-Refrain from racial, ethnic, sexually orientated, or gender based insults; or any other personal attacks. In threads or PM’s. We will not tolerate flaming ANYWHERE on the site.

-Do not divulge anyone’s personal information in the forum - including your own. If this information needs to be exchanged- please do so through PM’s or E-mail.

-Do not impersonate, mock or imitate a forum member.

-Trolls and lurkers from other sites that have come to cause trouble will be banned immediately and Admin from the site you have derived will be formally contacted.

For Sale
-Please get your items APPROVED by an ADMIN before posting a thread.
-We reserve the right to delete any unapproved posts.
-Be descriptive in your post. Pictures, prices, details and any other pertinent information should all be included.
-Do not post threads saying “I’m just thinking about selling this…” If you’re not serious, don’t waste time getting it approved.
-Solicitation of sales or advertising will be Billed/Invoiced respectively
-Please keep ‘bumping’ to an extreme minimum

-Webhosts may advertise their services via a link to their site. Members’ signatures may link to personal sites. If Admin asks you to remove a link- Please do so immediately. Do not argue. If you choose to argue or do not do so in a timely manner, we will remove it for you.

-Spamming and excessive advertising will result in a ban. Consider this your warning.

Avatars and Signatures
-Please limit the size of signatures to 550px wide X 150px high, and/or no more then three lines of text.
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-Avatars cannot exceed 150 x 150
-We expect all avatars and signatures to be of appropriate content.
-If you are asked to remove an avatar or signature, do not argue and please do so in a timely manner. If you do not do so, we will remove it for you.

This site is filled with people of all ages and all walks of life- don’t expect everyone to agree with your point of view. Arguing in the hopes of making such happen is pointless. While we expect there to be disagreements, and encourage different points of view; Please debate in a mature, intellectual manner. Slanderous remarks, personal attacks and flaming are not tolerated.

We reserve the right to:

-Move posts.

-Edit posts.

-Delete posts.

-Restrict members.

-Ban members. This is the most severe punishment. This is also your last straw. You are welcome to email Admin and explain yourself. We are not obligated to respond, or un-ban you. This is just merely a chance for you to apologize.

Violators will be issued a formal warning for violating any of these rules- But, we are not required to do so.

If the violation is extreme enough in severity, immediate action will be taken without warning.

Do not argue with any decision made by Admin; We are here for a reason. These are our rules and they have been implemented for a reason.

We want you to make friends and learn new things here. Witty banter and mild horseplay is encouraged to keep it fun and lighthearted. Just don’t get out of hand.
Most importantly, be involved and have fun.

In the event that you see or are a victim of a forum rule infraction, please do the following:

  • Notify an ADMIN with a copy of the PM or thread correspondence (or link).

  • Refrain from responding to the violator; you risk putting yourself and your membership in jeopardy as well. Also, keep the encounter out of other threads.

  • Trust the matter will be dealt with accordingly by Administration rather than trying to take it into your own hands.


Please be advised that these rules are subject to change at ANYTIME.

I may have missed a few things- but Admin is entitled to enforce other rules as necessary.

I advise you to take these rules seriously.