Cover Photo contest February 2022

Cover photo time!!

Starting for 2022 we will be doing the Cover Photo contest on the Forum!

This months Cover Photo contest will be for ANY Kia! Old, new, modded, stock. Got a Kia?? Post em up! all are welcome this month!!

Submit below your best photos of your Kia! It can be any Kia model as long as the photo fits the theme!
-Every month will have a theme
-you can only post ONE photo of your car related to that theme, if you post more than one your disqualified!
-the photo in the comments with the MOST reactions (in total) will win!
-Post your photos as a reply to this post. Once the submission time ends we will then create a poll to vote on them!
-Ill post this post every month on the 20th, and you will have until midnight on the 28th to submit, then from the 29th to the 30th to gain votes!!
-Winner stays up from the 1st of the month till the end of the month and get special discounts on our Merch! (please message me for your code!**ONCE the store is up and running, hopefully soon!*)
-In case of a multi way tie, the decision will be left to the SK Admins or in the case of a 2 way tie a runoff will be held on the 31st/1st! (Special consideration MAY given to ones with StreetKiaz Decals or Merch in them )

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