About Streetkiaz (Mission Statement)


The Organization for the Advancement of the Kia Import

For the last 20 years, the Streetkiaz community has grown to covet some of the World’s most profound knowledge and growth for the Kia owner, motor-sport, street and show enthusiast. Since 2001, thousands of members have helped in the creation of many aftermarket parts with their experience and knowledge shared throughout the Kia community. This is the home of the most talented and knowledgeable people when it comes to the Kia brand and we hope you become a part of that and enjoy your stay here no matter where in the world you are.

Based in North America, there are many States that hold meets at local parks, car shows and Kia dealers with others in their area with the same aftermarket interest and passion for their vehicles. National meets are also hosted with dealer participation. With tens of thousands of unique visitors and 2 million page hits monthly on the original Streetkiaz Forum, Streetkiaz has remained the largest aftermarket Kia enthusiast car club website world wide. Streetkiaz has members located all over the World expanding the significant family and friend atmosphere of the site to over 175 countries. Streetkiaz has an unlimited amount of experience, knowledge, and aftermarket contributions as all Kia enthusiasts lend the community a helpful hand. There are many forums to reference, but new members can feel free to ask questions if they can not find the information they’re looking for. We encourage the posting of pictures (body, engine, interiors, etc) Our old photo gallery had over 24,000+ pictures that are used in ‘How-to’ and ‘Do It Yourself’ threads to keep the site moving in a forward direction.

With our ability to encompass everything Kia, Streetkiaz over the last 20 years has kept member retention at a staggeringly high level with owners and they’re continued support, developed and shared. It is not uncommon to find members and repeat Kia buyers that have been among use for over 7 years.

When it comes down to it, we’re just the World Wide Web’s home for the aftermarket Kia Tuner and we promote what we believe in!

We thank you for your interest in our world of Accessories, Mods and Knowledge and we hope you become part of the advancement that we will continue with into the future. If you are here to learn, then we are here to teach. If you are here to discover, then we are here to invent.

We are the advancement of the Kia import… We are SK.


Questions, comments or concerns please contact: Admin@streetkiaz.net

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